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Technical Ball Warm Up - Phase 1

Place cones a minimum of 10yds apart. Concentrate on the # of quality touches executed between the two cones. Increase in speed of touches as you master each.

  • Tic Tocs
  • Sole Rolls Forward
  • Sole Rolls Backward
  • Zig Zag L
  • Zig Zag R
  • Zig Zag Both
  • Out Out In
  • Continuous R Rolls
  • Continuous L Rolls
  • Sushi Rolls (Alternating with Tic Toc)
  • Roll Outs
  • V Pulls
  • Out Stop Hops
  • L Turns

Ball Touch Work - Phase 2

Concentrate on the # of quality touches per foot. Increase in speed of touches as you master each.

  • Wipers R only, L only
  • Alternating Slides
  • Triangles, R only, L only
  • Pull Push, R only, L only, Alternating
  • 3 Rolls with prep touch, Repeat other direction

Bonus Touches:

  • Brazilian Toe Taps
  • DiMartino Touches
  • One Footed Triangles around opposite foot

Controlled Box Moves - Phase 3

Minimum 10yd by 10yd Control Box.  Repeat each set for 45 sec to 1 minute, recover before moving to next.  Push the Ball into Space each time with acceleration before repeating move.

  • Rapid Toe Taps with Rip Backs
  • Rapid Tic Tocs with Ronaldo Turns
  • Alternating Step Overs
  • Fake Shimmy

Bonus Moves: 

  • Snakes
  • Step over turn with a heel touch

Fast Footwork - Phase 4

Master one before moving to next adding on each time.  Complete each set as rapid as possible for 45 sec to 1 min. Recover before moving onto the next set.  These touches are meant to be executed with precise technical ability in limited space. Quality of technical precision first then add speed.

  • Sushi Rolls
  • Reverse V Pulls
  • Inside outside Zig Zags
  • The U Turn
  • L Turn Alternating
  • L Turn Rip Back, Same Side Repeating
  • Tic Toc Rips across the body (2 footed V Pulls)
  • Sole Tri Pulls
  • Tic Toc outside of foot touch with a Rip to other side

Juggle Variations - Phase 5

Various ways to improve your juggling skills! 

  • Alternating Feet
  • Low/Low/Highs
  • Ladders
  • 2 Foot/2 Thigh/2 Head/2 Thigh/2 Foot 
  • Foot/Header Repeats
  • Shoulder/Header Repeats
  • Walking Juggles

Bonus Juggling Tricks: Around the World & Step over Bounce!

Volley Progression - Phase 6

Improve your Volley Skills! Ready Position (Dancing Feet) and make sure you alternate your feet during each volley set. 

  • Inside of the Foot
  • Laces
  • Two - Touch
  • Three - Touch
  • Thigh Foot
  • Chest - Thigh - Foot
  • Header - Foot
  • Chest - Header


Wall Ball/Curbside - Phase 7

Various ways to improve your first touch using a wall and/or curb!
Its harder than it looks!


Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Bands are to help with Muscle Strength and Endurance.  Bands can provide very light or heavy resistance which can be used in targeted ways for specific muscles that also protects joints.

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