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Rec Virtual Training

U4-U6 REC Virtual

We encourage our parents to do these skills alongside their little Super Soccer Stars to improve their touch and love for the game!

  • Toe Taps (Giving the ball High Fives with your soles)
  • Tic Tocs (Rocking the ball back and forth using your insides)
  • Sit down Juggles, aka Popcorn Juggles (Drop & Pop using your laces)! Make sure your toe is pointed out and not up. 
  • Bounce Juggles with Happy Feet (on the balls of your feet in the ready position).
  • Various Juggle Combinations
  • Pull Backs (How many can you do in 30 seconds)

Technical Ball Warm Up

These skills can be done at any age, any level.  The idea is to perform as many touches as you can between the cones encouraging the use of both feet.

Place cones a minimum of 10yds apart

  • Tic Tocs
  • Sole Rolls Forward
  • Sole Rolls Backward
  • Zig Zag L
  • Zig Zag R
  • Zig Zag Both
  • Out Out In
  • Continuous R Rolls
  • Continuous L Rolls