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GSA Zero Tolerance Policy


GSA is committed to good sportsmanship, development and quality of play for our children.  ZERO TOLERANCE for behaviors, comments, actions that endanger or threaten the environment of good sportsmanship & safe play!  

1. Any issue involving physical altercations, assault or battery of any players, referees, coaches or parents.

2. The use of foul language, abusive or derogatory commentary towards the referees, coaches, players or parents 

Such offenses can lead to removal from any GSA approved premises, a ban from all GSA activities (practices, games, tournaments) for the remainder of the season and/or permanently.

Discipline & Protest

For information on how to report any discipline, unsportsmanlike and unfair behavior, please click HERE on how to Report via our Discipline and Protest informational page.

Take the Pledge!

Parents, Coaches, Referees, Administrators & all Spectators - TAKE THE PLEDGE: Watch the short video to learn about sideline behavior, read the pledge, add your name to the Pledge Wall, and let's Make Youth Soccer Better, together.

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