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About GSA Recreational Soccer

About GSA U5-U8 Recreational Soccer

At GSA, we emphasize three important things for U5-U8 players:

  1. Fun! Players will want to play more when they are enjoying themselves.
  2. Development! We use a unique approach to teaching even the youngest players.
  3. Sportsmanship! A key value that needs to be taught to all of our youth playing sports. 

We teach kids how to play soccer using age-appropriate games which maximize each player's opportunity to touch the ball.  We don't stand in lines. We don't lecture. We involve your player in games that are FUN and EDUCATIONAL!

When kids are small, we play small-sided games.  As they grow, we grow the number of players on the field accordingly.  At GSA, young players have more fun because we have fewer kids on the field at one time. This results in more movement, more touches on the ball, more dribbling, more scoring and more FUN!

Players in each age group practice together with their team and a volunteer coach on a designated night under the guidance of our Lead Trainer for Recreational Soccer.  The trainer provides the framework for each practice which ensures that all players are being coached to learn fundamental soccer skills.  The curriculum is based on the US Soccer Federation (USSF) guidelines and incorporates methods used by the best youth soccer organizations around the country. This gets our players off to a great start with soccer by helping them learn skills the right way from the start.

Recreational seasons are held in the Fall and the Spring.

How GSA U5-U8 Teams Are Formed

U5-U8 players are separated onto teams by the U5-U8 age group coordinator with consideration given to age, gender and skill level to promote balanced teams.

Specific team requests by players will not be considered unless there are special circumstances as determined by the U5-U8 age group coordinator and the VP of Rec Soccer.

About GSA U9-U19 Recreational Soccer

At GSA, we started as a recreational soccer organization and we value all of our recreational players and coaches! For U9-U19 recreational players, GSA offers great fields and volunteer coaches who have access to coaching clinics and collaboration with our Force FC select trainers.

All practices are held at the GSA Fields. Home games are held at GSA Fields and away games are held at other local clubs that we participate in leagues with such as Round Rock, Wells Branch, Hutto, etc. 

Recreational seasons are held in the Fall and the Spring. 

Practice schedules are communicated to teams by the appointed coach before the first practices at the start of the season.

How GSA U9-U19 Teams Are Formed

In accordance with STYSA regulations, players will be placed on teams according to their birth year. The number of team formed is based on the number of registered players. Roster spots are assigned on a first registered basis for the players’ birth year.

Team formation is subject to enough players signing up within an age group.  Age groups could be combined to form teams. When multiple teams are formed in the same age division, the players will be distributed to form balanced teams.

Special player requests will be handled as followed:

  • All special requests will be evaluated by the VP of Rec Soccer and/or the DOC of Rec to ensure balanced teams are formed.
  • Requests to play in a higher age group will be considered only if there are not enough players to form a team at the player’s age group OR the player’s age group roster is full and there are available roster spots on the higher age group without compromising the opportunity of any player of that age group to play.