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Discipline & Protest

Why D&P?

GSA follows the STYSA rules for D&P and Grievance procedures.  The purpose of the STYSA Discipline, Protest and Grievance Procedures is to promote and ensure uniformity and consistency in the application of the rules and procedures of STYSA, including its Member Associations, USYSA, USSF and FIFA. In addition, it is the purpose of these rules to attempt to regulate and control acceptable, unsportsmanlike and unfair behavior on the part of players, coaches, managers, administrators, fans and supporters, in order to promote the sport of youth soccer. 


D&P Handbook



A focus for our club players and families should be section 4.9. PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE SYSTEM.  Within that sections 4.9.4 and 4.9.5 as they relate to points and the accumulation there of should be well understood before the start of the season.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!