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Goalkeeper Training

Select & Academy Goalkeeper Training

Junior Select Goalkeepers: U11-U13
5:30pm-6:30pm (Coaches TJ & Efren)

Senior select Goalkeepers: U14- U19
7:15pm-8:15pm (Coach Efren)

Senior Select Goalkeepers: U14-U19
7:15pm-8:15pm (Coach TJ) 

Junior Select Goalkeepers: U11- U13
5:30-6:30pm (Coaches Efren and TJ)

Academy Goalkeepers: U7-U10
6:30-7:30pm (Coach Efren)

Fall 2018 Rec Goalkeeper Training

U9-U18 Rec Goalie Training: 

Goal of Training: Basics of playing goalie

When: For entire month of October, Tuesdays only

Age Group & Times: 6:00PM - 7:00PM

Where: GSA Technical training area on south side of complex

Personal or Advanced Goalkeeper Training

Contact TJ Stowell (512-363-8660) for additional personal or group goalkeeper training dates and times.