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Photo Headshot Requirement

GSA Force FC Headshot Requirements

GSA Players and Families - when your team plays leagues and tournaments with other clubs, your coach or team manager is required to carry a player card for each player that is eligible to play. The player card might either be a hard copy or an electronic player card. In all cases - the player card must contain a clear headshot of the player.

The headshot printed on the player card is the same picture that has been uploaded to the player account on gotsoccer - the portal used for player registration, player details, and payment plans.

GSA and our associated leagues verify each player headshot before the start of the season. If there is no compliant headshot uploaded - the entire team's registration process is delayed.

Please see below the guidelines for your player headshot. If any of these are violated - the headshot might get flagged and if so, our club is notified at the start of the season. We would like to proactively ensure that our club does not get these notifications.

Your player headshot must be:

1) An individual shot - no group picture, pets, action shots

2) Fairly recent - we recommend to update it at least once a year

3) Clear - color only, good lighting, in focus, medium to high resolution, no hats or sunglasses

4) Cropped suitably - not too distant and not too close. Top of head to chin must be visible. Ear to ear must be visible. Since the printed image is about the size of a fingernail - the headshot should be cropped so that it ends at or right after the shoulders. 

5) Center aligned - no angle shots or tilted shots

The silhouettes to the right have the general outlines for your player headshot. Additional examples are provided below.

If unable to access your gotsoccer profile or having difficulty uploading a headshot, please email administration@georgetownsoccer.org

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