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Game Match Analysis

Becoming a Student of the Game

Game Match Analysis is a beneficial tool used to help players learn, develop and grow as students of the Game!  Each week, our players will discuss these games with their coaches on their Zoom Team Meetings.


Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #1

Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Discussion Questions:
1. What is the formation, Barcelona is playing?
2. Who plays in the following positions? The #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11
3. In what area of the field Barcelona starts to defend.
4. Who assists in Madrid's first goal and what position does he play?
5. In Barcelona's first goal, who starts the attack that results in a goal?

USWNT vs Canada 2012
Discussion Questions:
1. What message was Canada sending to USWNT within the first couple of seconds of play?
2. What System of Play did USA play, did it change in the second half?
3. Who was your favorite IMPACT player of the match for US and who was your favorite for Canada? Why?
4. Which WNT players were on this 2012 team that are still on our current WNT? Do they still play the same position now as they did in this match?
5. What did you especially like about how each team played?
6. What was your favorite goal of the match and who started the attack that resulted in the goal.
6. Bonus = What does USWNT Megan Rapinoe and Canada's Christine Sinclair have in common?
GK Questions:
1. What was Hope Solo's distribution like in first half compared to second half?
2. How many punches did she have to make, first half and in second half?
3. How was her organization in the box on set pieces?
4. How was her time management in 2nd half?  

Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #2

Liverpool vs Barcelona
Discussion Questions:
1. Name the teams playing and the country they are from.
2. In your opinion, what team plays better soccer and why?
3. Describe the formations of both teams.
4. Who scored the first goal and what position is he playing?
5. Who was your favorite player?
Bonus question
1. Name the competition both teams are playing in?

USWNT vs BRAZIL Tournament of Nations
Discussion Questions:
1. What system did each team start with? Did it change?
2. Who was your favorite IMPACT player for each team and why?  
3. What position did Becky Sauerbrunn play 1st half? 2nd half?
4. If you were Jill Ellis, what areas of the game would you stress the team needs to improve upon going into second half?
5. How vital were the subs that came on in second half?  Who were they and what positions did they play?
GK Questions:
1. If you were Alyssa Naeher what type of mental reset strategies would you have used to stay present after the first goal?
2. Which GK had more defensive set pieces near the box and how was the organization?
3. What area of the goal was Brazil's GK weak?  
4. In what area did Naeher improve her game from 1st to 2nd half? 

Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #3

First half link:

Interview with Tyler Adams (Minute 4:05)

Second half link:

Discussion Questions:
1. Did you enjoy watching the game?
2. Why?
3. Who was your favorite player?
4. Why?
5. Set plays (corner kicks, free kicks) How can you prepare to execute a good set play?
6. Set plays on offense
7. Set plays on defense
8. What type of formation was the US playing?
9. What is your opinion on the red card?

Stanford vs UNC
Division 1 National Championship Final 2019


Discussion Questions:
1. Did you enjoy watching the College Level compared to a WNT Game?
2. What were the formations of both teams?  Did it change?
3. Who was your favorite IMPACT Player for Each Team and Why?
4. Favorite Play of the Game
GK Questions:
1. Which GK did you like better and why?
2. Thoughts on how each performed in the PKs?

Interview: Day in the Life of KiKi Pickett

Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #4

Spain vs Portugal Euro Cup Semi Final 2012
Discussion Questions:
1. Did you enjoy the game? 
2. What was your favorite part of the game? 
3. Do you think Spain takes risks playing out of the back? 
4. Formation of Spain 
5. Formation of Portugal 
6. Favorite player of the game?

Division 2 National Championship Final 2019
Grand Valley State Lakers vs Western Washington Vikings 

Discussion Questions:
1. Discuss some of the interesting facts about both teams leading up to the final mentioned by the commentators.
2. Formations of both teams?
3. Do you think the first half PK was called correctly?  What did Ava Cook do well to earn that PK?
4. Favorite play(s) of the game. Be sure to note the minute in game for discussion. 
5. Favorite player(s) of the match? Why?
6. Which team had better possession in each half?

GK Questions:
How did both GKs set up their box for corners?
2. How did both GKs distribute the ball?

Grand Valley State Post Game Interview with Coach & Players
What did it mean to you when the coach stated a lot of his players say, "You don't have to Get Ready if you Stay Ready" and how can you apply that to yourself as a teammate and player?


Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #5

FC Bayern vs Real Madrid International Championship Cup
Discussion Questions: 
1. Who scores Bayern's first goal? 
2. What position does he play? 
3. How many Bayern players were in and around the penalty area when the first goal was scored? 
4. Who is the coach for Real Madrid? 
5. What team did you favor based on their style of play? 
6. Who was your favorite player and why? 

Division 3 Women's National Championship 2019
Messiah vs William Smith

Discussion Questions:
1. What is special about William Smith's Coach, Aliceann Wilbur?
2. Look up each teams schedule (Google their Athletics) and write down what Texas Team(s) each team played and their results.
3. Each Teams Formation
4. Favorite Play of each half
5. Favorite Player

GK Questions:
1. How did each GK set up in the box for defensive corners?
2. Which GK did you prefer and why?
3. Break down of the goal. 

Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #6

1. Which was your all time favorite goal, who scored it and what team do they play for?

CGU15: United States vs Mexico
Concacaf Girls’ Under-15 Championship 2018 Playoffs

Discussion Questions: 
1. Formation for both teams? 
2. What is CONCACAF? What is special about this CONCACAF?
3. What is IMG (location the game is being played)? 
4. Best Attack for each team 1st Half? 2nd Half? 
5. Favorite Player(s)
6. Thoughts on this game and the importance of finishing strong?

Goalkeeper Questions: Teagan WY (USA), Azul Alarez (MX) 
1. Both GKs had big saves, which save per GK did you enjoy the most each half? (Jot down the minute for each save). 
2. Distribution Skills for each GK. What were their tendencies - to play out of back or longer distribution? Goal Kicks?
3. Defensive shape on set plays and corner kicks?

Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #7

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia - All 169 Goals!
Discussion Questions:
1. Favorite goal. 
2. Favorite team. 
3. Favorite player. 
4. What goal would you see yourself scoring?

WNT's Top 10 Goals of 2019!
Discussion Questions:
1. Which Goal was your Favorite and Why?
2. Who Scored it and include some FUN FACTS about that Player.
3. What team besides WNT do they currently play on?
Bonus: Pressure Makes Us: Tobin Heath


GoalKeeper Questions:
Hope Solo/Ultimate Saves Compilation/2017
Discussion Questions:

1. Which Save was your Favorite & Why?
2. What were some of Solo's accomplishments/records? 
Bonus: Pressure Makes Us: Hope Solo


Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #8

2018 FIFA World Cup/The Official Film

Mallory Pugh EXTRA Time Interview
The Journey: Mal Pugh

Discussion Questions:

Thoughts on if Pugh will help lead the future of WNT?
What did you like about her personality?
What are her biggest strengths as a player?
What do you think would be her biggest challenges?

Weekly Game Match Analysis Week #9

US 94 World Cup
Discussion Questions: 

Who scored the US first goal? 
What is the name of Romania's best player? 
What Brazilian player scored in every match? 
Who eliminates the US from the World Cup? 
Who wins the World Cup?

NWSL on ESPN: Washington Spirit vs. Portland Thorns
Discussion Questions: 

What is the NWSL and how many teams does it consist of? 
What did you like in particular about each team's attacking style?
What was your favorite play of the match?
Who was your favorite player(s) and why?

Best of May Highlights/#NWSL


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