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Team Adeline


FEBRUARY 14th-20th at GSA during practice!

Join the FIGHT against Blood Cancer and join Adeline's Student of the Year Campaign.

  • Juggle-a-thon
  • Speed Shot Competition
  • Raffle Prizes


NO ONE in the FORCE Family Fights Alone!  Adeline Jansson, a member of our FORCE Family since she was only four years old, is fighting…and WE will fight along with her.  Adeline is now 13 years old and plays on our 07GB Team.  She has recently been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with aberrant myeloid markers.  Yes, you read that right, her cancer is not your typical cancer.  It is unique…and rare…just like Adeline!!!  Adeline is an amazing brave Jedi fighting cancer and helping doctors around the world understand this condition and develop better treatment options.  Adeline is a leader both on and off the field.  She is witty, quirky, intelligent and kind-hearted. 
Her oncologist is already bragging about her to his colleagues across the country, describing her as unlike any other child he has worked with as she is wise beyond her years and pushing to be involved in all of the decisions related to her treatments, asking the hard questions and listening to the hard answers. Off the soccer field, Adeline loves music and plays both percussion and piano.  She cares deeply about social justice and loves history.  She is headstrong…which will only strengthen her as she fights…FORCE FIGHT!! 


Be the Match!

Register today to see if your a possible match for Adeline! It's a simple "Swab & Spit" test mailed to you!

Text Adeline to #61474 and/or click HERE to get started!


Connect & Follow Adeline on her very own Blog!

Hi, my name is Adeline. I'm 13, and I live in central Texas. I am a percussionist and soccer player. I have 3 dogs, 2 parents, and 1 little brother. History is my favorite subject at school, and I have been known to argue politics with my friends (Biden 2020). If you ask my friends and family, I can be pretty talkative. But I'm not the best at introductions (or first impressions for that matter).

Oh yeah, and I have leukemia...

Adeline's Army! Sunday, June 14th!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Hula Cowgirl for their donation of $500.  Owner Ray donated 100% of proceeds we earned for "Show Support & Shave your Head"! Hula Cowgirl Shaved Ice is always so NICE!

#TeamJansson Virtual 5K, 5/21 Thursday!

You can join #teamjansson for a Virtual 5K on Thursday, May 21st, at any time of day from any location! Most of you know Adeline Jansson, a 7th grader at Benold, was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer. On May 21st, Adeline will endure the last chemo of her induction protocol and a repeat bone marrow biopsy. We would love to show our support on this day by participating in this uplifting 5k that offers a positive way to engage in some athletic fun for a meaningful cause: supporting Adeline, her parents Katie and Todd, her brother Crawford, and her extended family and friends. 
Please join us in supporting them and share your photos via social media. #teamjansson #adelinerocks

#Team Jansson Drive-By Car Parade, 5/20 Wednesday!

Next Thursday, (5/21) is a BIG day for Adeline. It's the last chemo of her induction protocol (#3 meds-1 of which is via her spinal cord!) AND a repeat bone marrow biopsy. The night before chemo is always hard for Adeline.  Let's encourage her with a Drive-By Car Parade!!! We will have her outside on our front porch on Wednesday (5/20) from 6:30-7:30PM so people can come by whenever is best for them.  No Gifts necessary! Just come by, wave, and cheer on our Brave Girl!  We will obviously be practicing social distancing and will be wearing mask and waving from a distance. 

*SHHH Let's keep it a Surprise for Adeline!

Address: 2309 Boulder Run, Georgetown, TX


Special Thanks to all that helped with our Team Adeline Fundraiser Shirts!  With your support, we were able to raise over $3,600 for the Jansson Family!

Team Jansson Care Calendar

Support Team Jansson in their fight against Leukemia.  
Click HERE to access the Team Jansson Care Calendar!

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