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Volunteer Service at GSA

Volunteer Service General Info

GSA is a non-profit organization. In order to keep our fees low and make soccer available to all players, we utilize volunteers. This allows us to make improvements to our facilities - such as the concession/ restroom/ maintenance buildings we built. Does anyone remember the days of only port-o-potties at GSA? 

The follow activities are available for families to perform their required volunteer service hours:

Each Recreational Player: 2 hours per season (Fall or Spring)

Each Academy Player: 4 hours per seasonal year (August-May), 6 hours per seasonal year for financial aid players.

Each Select Families: 4 hours per seasonal year (August-May), 6 hours per seasonal year for financial aid families.

  • Concession Duty (during season league play or during tournaments)
  • U5-U18 Recreational Head Coach
  • U9-U18 Rec Assistant Coach (only one permitted per team). Assistants are not required on U5-U8 teams and do not get exemption for volunteer service.
  • Pre-Season Field Work Days (August and February)
  • Walk Up Registrations (August and February)
  • Any club fundraiser that requires volunteers
  • Other tournament activities besides concessions such as Field Marshall, Field Set Up, Parking Control, Field Clean Up, etc
  • Academy Team Manager (one per team)
  • Select Team Manager or Assistant Team Manager
  • Academy Observation Nights (check-in)
  • Select Tryout Nights (check-in, taking documents & payments, etc)
  • Other activities that are approved by the Club Administrator as acceptable


Concession Duty Guidelines

Do read through the following new procedures before signing up for concession duty. If you have any questions, please contact info@georgetownsoccer.org.

1) We have set up a new iPad Point of Sale system to replace our cash drawer in the concession stand. Do arrive 10 minutes before your shift begins so you can be trained on the new system and more easily transition into your duties.

2) We have a second iPad for volunteers to log hours. For this season, log your hours using BOTH the Google form on the iPad AND in the written volunteer book. We will use both types of logging until everyone is accustomed to the iPad.

3) Children 15 years and younger are no longer permitted to help with concessions due to the new Point of Sale system and inventory tracking. Please contact info@georgetownsoccer.org for specific questions or considerations on this.

4) If you are the first shift of the day, follow the posted opening procedures to set up the concession stand. If you are the last shift of the day, follow the closing procedures before you leave.

5) There will not be any weeknight concession sales this season. Sunday concessions are only open for volunteers who already know how to use the new Point of Sale system. Please work on a Saturday to learn the system before asking for Sunday slots. Contact info@georgetownsoccer.org for Sunday concession slots. If there are games scheduled on weekdays and you would like to volunteer then, you may email us to discuss.

6) Volunteer spots may be cancelled after being scheduled, for example because of bad weather. If that happens to your spot, return to this link to sign up for another opportunity.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement these new procedures.